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End the failed Drug War

Lets make 2009 the year we end the failed "War on Drugs" it isn't working.

And we all seen failed policies in the past, and it costly to tax payers and our Government. Lets fund Drug Treatment Programs instead of locking up and jailing non-violent drug offenders, so they can get the help they need. We can rehabilitate people with drug addictions, instead of having them take up space in jails, prisons, of correctional facilities. Drug offenders can become useful and productive member of society with the proper treatment and counseling. We need to Decriminalize Marijuana. Decriminalizing Marijuana Possession would be a step in the right direction, and would free up police, courts, jails, prisons, and save billions in enforcing criminal marijuana laws. President Jimmy Carter asked Congress in 1977 to Decriminalize Marijuana, I would like to President Barack Obama do the same in 2009.


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  1. Comment

    People need to understand that all "drugs" are not the same. Heroin, PCP, Meth, and Cocaine are all very dangerous and can cause severe health problems quickly, especially to people with preexisting conditions they may not know about. Maybe these need more serious restrictions and are not safe for untrained people to experiment with.

    Marijuana is the least toxic "illegal" drug, and it needs to be legalized. It has more health benefits and fewer negative consequences of use than any other schedule 1 substance and is much safer than either tobacco or alcohol. If 50% of all heavy alcohol users switched to marijuana, many lives would be saved. Pot does not kill. The most serious consequences of pot use are legal and professional, not medical.

  2. Comment

    Did you know that the Netherlands is now closing 8 prisons due to lack of prisoners? Out of 16.6 million population - 12,000 are in prison. Cali with a pop double that is at about 174,000. We can clearly see that legalizing did not increase problems, rather it reduced the prison population.

  3. Comment

    You are right, pokechop. All medicinal properties of marijuana aside; the War on Drugs is lost and has been for many years. So many deaths. Innocent bystander deaths. Police deaths. Non-violent drug user deaths; by police. There is no GOOD excuse for continuing this failed "WAR".

    This link will take you to an article concerning the victims of the War on Drugs.

    The casualties of this "war" are important, too!

    Besides, mostly what I have seen, in my 41 years of life, is marijuana use actually harming no one; but the prohobition of it is making life dangerous for us ALL!

    My best friend of 20 years died in November. She was 43 years old and was in constant pain for the last 10 years of her life. I saw, first-hand, how marijuana helped with her pain and depression. It just boggles my mind how our Government has tried so hard to make marijuana out as a dangerous narcotic, when it is actually a very helpful medicine. When a Government; any Government, chooses to put their weak, ill and dying citizens in jail for using a medicine to help them with their pain and depression; it just makes you wonder who is actually holding the reins. Science or Old Wive's Tales.

  4. Comment

    This year, Senator Jim Webb from Virginia introduced S.714, the National Criminal Justice Commission Act to establish a commission whose purpose would be to

    "undertake a comprehensive review of the criminal justice system, make findings related to current Federal and State criminal justice policies and practices, and make reform recommendations for the President, Congress, and State governments to improve public safety, cost-effectiveness, overall prison administration, and fairness in the implementation of the Nation's criminal justice system"

    We spend billions of dollars every year on a "system" that hasn't really done anything to reduce crime. Our current policy of lock 'em up simply creates a vicious cycle of incarceration, poverty, and ultimately, more crime.

    Support for drug policy reform is growing, but the public still believes in the old hype about marijuana being the "gateway drug", and all the other reefer madness nonsense despite mounting evidence to the contrary.

    So, to the folks on Capitol Hill, Mr. President, et al;

    Let's take this seriously. Let's entertain the possibility that maybe we were all wrong. Maybe we got caught up in a moment of panic, made some hasty decisions that we thought were in the best interest of the nation, and maybe things haven't exactly worked out the way we hoped they would.

    It wouldn't be the first time it's happened. Hey, we all make mistakes.

    What we should do next is admit that something isn't working. That's the first step. Don't laugh it off, because it isn't funny.

    Then we need to take a serious look at what's going on in our criminal justice system and figure out what needs to change.

    We may not get it right at first, but I think that if we make it a priority and at least make an effort towards reform then we'll be much better off than if we do nothing.

  5. Comment

    Government must answer for their failure to correct this misapplication of Federal Power.

    It is not enough to say not now.

    Do it.

  6. Comment

    Legalize and decriminalize!

    Allowing the Government to control growth and distribution of Marijuana will do numerous things to help our culture and economy.

    1) Marijuana has never been known to be a problem drug for users and people near them.

    A) Marijuana users are not prone to using violence to solve disputes with other users or non-users.

    B) Marijuana users are not aggressive drivers, and are usually very cautious, unlike alcohol users.

    C) Marijuana users are seldom involved in

    criminal activities while using the drug.

    2) Government distribution of Marijuana is good for the economy.

    A) Taxes on marijuana use will contribute tens of millions of dollars in taxes, maybe more.

    B) Tax dollars will no longer be needed to fight the illicit marijuana drug trade.

    C) The American Court system will be relieved of a great financial and case load burden through legalization.

    D) American law enforcement will be able to use their funds and resources to address more serious issues of crime.

    3) Improvement in health issues.

    A) Users of marijuana for health issues will have a reduction in costs for the product, allowing them to use their resources for other aspects of health recovery.

    B) Consistency of the strength of marijuana products will be greatly improved, thus allowing health users a more predictable result.

    C) Elimination of stress for "illicit" users of marijuana for medical purposes. Users will no longer fear being jailed for using marijuana to settle their stomach after chemo, or increase their appetite when disease has taken it away.

    4) Marijuana by-products will be more available and scientific discoveries more frequent.

    A) Fiber for paper and textiles can be provided by the farms that grow marijuana.

    B) Oils from the rendering of plant fibers can be used for a myriad purposes including fuel, cooking and cosmetics.

    C) Derivatives may include control of glaucoma, a serious eye problem that causes blindness.

    As a non-user of marijuana, I see many more benefits than problems that will come about when the government takes control of this product. When marijuana and other drugs are controlled by government, fewer crimes will be committed in order to acquire the substances. Our society will be a much better place because of it. Government as an Ideal, should foster the personal and collective growth of it's members, not seek to punish them for their every transgression.

  7. Comment

    As to:

    Executive branch commanding the legislative branch...

    That is the argument used to disregard the popular demand for ending the war on drugs.

    It is diversionary. Health care is also in the hands of the legislature, the administration has no problem involving itself there.

    So was the bailout. Administration made demand after demand on legislature.

    When it is a policy the administration wants, it is called leadership.

    When it is a policy the administration does not want to touch it is called legislative territory.

    We do not have to accept and be bound by the parameters of that game.

  8. Comment

    None of you are taking into account the lives that have been saved. Drug education programs across the country have proven effective in helping kids understand the dangers of illicit drugs and letting them know they have a choice. Have lives been lost in the "war on drugs?" Yes, but that doesn't mean that less people would be dead if it hadn't started.

    Are you guys forgetting the drug pushers who specifically target girls, give them a free 'sample' to get them hooked, then use them as prostitutes? Putting all of our resources into rehab would be a horrible decision. Why would you be reactive instead of proactive? Isn't it better to keep people OFF drugs rather than wait for them to get addicted, hurt themselves, hurt others, and then try to rehab them?

    Legalizing marijuana is MUCH more complex as well. You aren't going to succeed in regulating it in anyway. You've got people make millions off of illegal trafficking, why in the world would they all of the sudden allow themselves to be taxed? No way, they'll keep their side business and all that money that went to marijuana enforcement will get spent in trying to enforce it's regulation.

    Also, bear in mind that often kids try drugs as an act of rebellion. With marijuana, they can 'rebel' with a soft drug. But if marijuana is legal, what are they going to do to push the envelope a little? They're going to turn to hard drugs.

  9. Comment

    What do you think the chances of this passing are...with Pharmaceutical being some of the biggest donors in washington? We need public financing of campaigns. None of this other stuff happens without it.



    We must have public financing of campaigns. I know you think you don't want to pay for it...but you already ARE!

    You pay hundreds and thousands of times what you would if the politicians actually answered to you and not greedy corporate criminals. You pay thousands of times more in a CORRUPTION SURCHARGE!


    Every no bid contract, every unpaid royalty on an oil lease, every blocked piece of legislation, every blocked investigation, every effort to get healthcare for all, every blocked attempt for a living wage, every needless nuclear warhead that will never be used, every mountaintop removal mining permit OK’d, every case of cancer caused by lax environmental rules or enforcement, every prison built instead of a school...YOU PAY AND PAY AND PAY!

    And to add insult to injury, where do corporations get the money they give politicians in order to insure they can roll right over you whenever they want? FROM YOU! The cost of these payoffs is passed on to YOU the consumer!


    Whatever you think is the most important issue facing the country…forget about it. It’s going to be decided in favor of those in power. It will be watered down in favor of those who finance campaigns and control corporate media sources.

    You think the health care debate is going to come out in your favor or Pfizer’s? You think we are really going to cut military spending when more than half of the military budget for the entire world is being lavished on some of the biggest campaign contributors there are? How about Bank reform? Wall Street? Big Pharma? Iraq? The environment? Just exactly how do you see any of that working out in your favor in our current system?

    Our system is broken. Our government does not work for the people. It works for – or in fear of – people who can spend a lot of money, access a lot of media, or have a lot of power in society.


    What people don’t understand is that it is not necessary to buy off the whole government in order for corporate, big money interests to get its way…every time. You merely need to control either the moderates and/or the committee heads in order to assure that whatever compromise is reached it will ALWAYS benefit BIG MONEY!

    In Congress, you have partisans on either side, in safe districts, with entrenched interests who won’t compromise and are at no risk of being voted out.

    Then you have the folks in the purple districts. They could get the ax anytime. Their elections could come down to which candidate has a few thousand more to spend. If Big Money goes their way they stay, if it goes to their opponent they are out.

    These are the people you count on to forge the compromise between the two extremes and these are the very people who are most vulnerable to big money coming in hard and heavy against them.


    The current system assures that any compromise between the partisan extremes will be concluded in favor of big money. Even the most conscientious moderate politician in a contested state MUST cater to big money or they will not stay in congress.


    Do you wonder what has happened to democrats in congress over the last 8 years…the spinelessness and cowardice evidenced by these people?

    This is the result of what happens to an organization over time when anyone who fights big money gets weeded out…even if it’s only one or two per election. Eventually you are left with …well, what we have now…a bunch of corporate lap dogs.

  10. Comment

    Clean emissions , Clean Coal and beyond , had to simplify . was under New Tools and Technologies now think it is Uncategorized ?

    One of the best products to make Ethanol is Marijuana , much better the Corn . Why do people NOT see this , oh , its Illeagle , da .

    As for the Failed War on Drugs , it is just that Failed . As for Pot as recreational use , started smoking in it in 1966 , by 1967 what we were getting is as strong or stronger then anything out today .

    We had no problem getting the Old Plants that were at least 30 years old , yes it is an evergreen !

    We called it Laughing Pot , Saliva . By the late 60s we were living in a huge old house , raided , beat and imprisoned many times for nothing , usualy warned by young Cops that would come by playing Ina Gada Da Vida over there Pa system , This wile going to College !

    A link to an alumni to that House writes for 5 papers , is on the air in some 120 markets spends his full time working on this Please Visit

    Just writting friends in Vietnam , they would send back pot , most sent there for a very small amount , this was the number one way to requite and Nixon knew it , so did LBJ .

    Just the fact that we can use this wonderful plant for so many uses , not to mention the Constitution of the United States of America was written on Hemp paper , this is the best renewable energy we have , renewable energy and paper , saving trees .

    This has not lowered my IQ or damaged me at all , after 43 years , I can say it is safe , I have lost many to alcohol , we were right back then , Boozers are losers but where there is Dope there is Hope ~ that was in reference to Pot

    On hard drugs , treat people with Dignity , not Jail . the $100 Billion Given to the DEA , not counting the huge amounts of confiscated money , homes cars you name it .

    The answer is Treatment Centers , just think what $50 Billion in treatment Centers would be , many would go .

    But nooo , thats to sensible and simple . Lets try it for say 5 years or 10 and see how it works .

    This would end the cartels and the crazy drug use Heroin, PCP, Meth, and Cocaine .

    I recently found a Bond from 1968 , $10,000 Bond for "suspicion" of smoking Pot !

    Beat it but what a ride , for what ?

    On the Post here Clean Coal and beyond , could not put Marijuana down as making energy , it is the best plant for that though and keeps many from Starving by sending Corn out instead of making Gasoline out of it , man just think , it grows so much faster then Corn and the entire plant is used , what is left over can be used .

    So it is a shame , anyone else cares to write a comment under "Clean Coal and beyond" mentioning this , be my guest , it works and pot is the best renewable energy around , we are just NOT allowed to think that way .

    Have done the research , roughly 5-10 times the amount per acre for Pot to be converted to Petrol then corn and that is not taking in the fact it grows so much faster !

    I do notice , most MENSA members smoke Pot and grow some killer out of shear love of Growing the Magic Plant .

    End Prohibition !