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Barry Hussein should prove he is a NATURAL BORN Citizen as understood by the Founders

our Constitution was based upon the encyclopedic "The Law of Nations," a treatise written by Swiss lawyer and diplomat Emerich de Vattel as a manual for how government should function. Written in 1758, this work was read not only by the Founding Fathers, but was also well-known throughout the colonies among the populace. (so "natural born" did not have to be defined in the Constitution - it was a common term, perhaps like the term “first down” in football or “home run” in baseball – it was a clearly understood term.) Book I, Chapter XIX, part 212, it says: “The natives, or natural-born citizens, are those born in the country, of parents who are citizens.” Here is the definition the Founding Fathers did not deem necessary to supply since it was already understood. And since Obama’s father was a Kenyan citizen, Obama is therefore not a natural born citizen and is thus ineligible to be President." (Basically, forget the birth certificate!!! This is ALL you need to follow the law and to understand the term from “those days”.)

President Biden, order the arrest of the usurper. It is time to end the fraud.


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    nemesispaladin ( Idea Submitter )

    Thank-you felkakarp, I assume you mean I am so fundamentally open and smart; the antithesis of your 0gawd lil barry hussein the usurper. How strange, I've read hundreds of comments from obots deriding these bc requests, you libs call us sophamoric names, you mistakenly claim simple citizenship is all that is needed, and you say this is not a principle of transparency. Not one comment amoung the thousands here presents a single honest fact to demonstrate that the son of a Kenyan/British citizen can be a Natural Born Citizen under the laws in effect at the time of lil barry's birth.

    President Biden, give these mindless obots a rest, order the arrest of the usurper and end the fraud.