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This Will All Go Away If You'll Just Prove Your Citizenship.

Mr. Obama, I respect the office of the Presidency. Even though I don't agree with your political ideology, I respect the authority given to the President by the Constitution of the United States..but unless you prove your eligibility to serve as President of these United States as outlined in this very Constitution by our Founding Fathers, I am unable to legitimately acknowledge your title as being that of President of these United States. This will all go away if you will produce the documents that my fellow citizens and I have been calling for. At the very least, please provide proof of United States citizenship. If you will do this, I will promise to respect and acknowledge your role as President of these United States, even if I disagree with your political ideology. Thank You.

Joe Seales


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  1. Comment
    Robin Berry

    Think about this, if I wanted to destroy a country, I would send in an undercover agent.

    One who is loveable, 'pretty,' who is an elegant speaker and can sell ice to Eskimos; one who no one would suspect as being an undercover agent; one who could suspend any ‘investigation’ until it was too late.

    Now we have a person who claims to be one thing, and refuses to substantiate that claim with legitimate papers. Who has the authority to demand those papers? WE DO. The American people.

    Show us the Certification; if you don’t then we have to assume that you do not have it. (And for those of you who believe a Certification of Live Birth is official, go try and use one to obtain any official document, a drivers license, a passport, a government job; you will soon find out that you need far more than an announcement that you were born. You will need a registered, numbered, fully filled out paper with your pedigree and you doctor, hospital name, time etc…

  2. Comment

    He must prove not just citizenship, but 'natural born' citizenship. Since he can not do this, he is an illegal usurper!

    The United States Library of Congress has selected

    for inclusion in its historic collection of Internet materials

    This informative site presents the most historically accurate, legally correct and genuinely unbiased credible explanation of the eligibility issue I have found, following several months of studious searching for accurate clarification, of what I now regretfully regard as an illegal usurpation of the office of the President of the United States of America.

    Obviously calling onto question the constitutional eligibility of a sitting president is a serious matter, however our president is not above the rule of law. The Constitution is our greatest protection from abusive government. Throughout the history of mankind, political power has frequently been seized irrespective of the will of the governed, often violently. Perhaps owing to our imperfect nature, totalitarianism has more often been the rule, rather than the exception.

    Our Constitution as first envisioned and ultimately realized by the benefits of both pen and sword, was founded as a heart felt invention of necessity by men so deathly tired of oppression, that they determined despite any cost, to establish our Constitutional Republic. With the Constitution, our Founding Father's planted a seed in soil richly nourished in blood, that with similar courage United States citizens might forever more be able to exercise their God given inalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness in at least one free and just nation upon the face of the earth.

    Respectfully, a Vet.

    The Constitution still matters,

    but only for as long as 'we the people', by continuing to support and defend it, say so!

    The Constitution will protect the citizens for as long as the citizens protect the Constitution.

    Please consider the following:

    Especially this particular page:

  3. Comment

    Fellow citizens, ask your congressman and Senators to ask Mr. Obama for permission to view the birth documents on file in Hawaii (along with an independent documents expert). If there is a legitimate birth document on file there, then Mr. Obama should be happy to provide the necessary permission (in order to settle the matter once and for all). If Mr. Obama does not permit such an inspection, it is because he is a FRAUD.

  4. Comment

    The GOPranos have created the climate for the killing of Dr. Tiller. They repeatedly called 4 an end to a legal medical procedure. Now their cyberterrorists have come to this opengov site to kill open discussion and flood this site with several hundreds of entries about the birth certificate of Barack Obama. Remove this above entry and ban the user who posted it.

  5. Comment

    "Open Gov" my eye! OPEN Government starts at the top.

    No other candidate for president has such an opaque background as this one, let's shine a a little light of openness on this issue. Your bringing Dr.Tiller into this is a classic "Non-Sequiter" and is most deceptive.

  6. Comment

    Every American Taxpayer has a right to see the long form birth certificate of all presidential candidates.

    President Obama rightly campaigned for openness and transparency in government and politics, shouting we need change from the rooftops.

    He stated that he would be different from the Bush Republicans who were honest and open.

    Since then he has spent hundreds of thousands of public donations to avoid showing his long form birth certificate to the people of the USA.

    Until he shows his Long Form Birth certificate he comes across as a Liar and a fraud, hence the growing public agitation over the issue.

    Its a matter of integrity and honestly over hypocrisy.

  7. Comment

    Release it all:

    1. Occidental College records -- Not released

    2. Columbia College records -- Not released

    3. Columbia Thesis paper -- "Not available"

    4. Harvard College records -- Not released

    5. Selective Service Registration -- Not released

    6. Medical records -- Not released

    7. Illinois State Senate schedule -- Not available

    8. Your Illinois State Senate records -- Not available

    9. Law practice client list -- Not released

    10. Certified Copy of original Birth certificate -- Not released

    11. Embossed, signed paper Certification of Live Birth -- Not released

    12. Record of your baptism -- Not available

    Write your congresspeople and senators!

  8. Comment

    You are so on target. Why the heck would Obama just not show his LBC? He has destroyed many folks confidence in government. May God help us...

  9. Comment
    Nick Gerow

    "This Will All Go Away If You'll Just Prove Your Citizenship"? That means you're in charge of this spam project, right Joe Seales? You're not accomplishing anything other than greatly irritating real good-hearted American citizens trying to influence their crumbling government in any way they can.

    And if you're as skeptical of Obama as you suggest, do you even really think he'll ever read a word of this site, let alone your spam?