Making Government Operations More Open

Require all Federal Government meetings that are subject to the Open Meetings Laws to be Webcast online.

Board meetings are where some of the most important decisions are made by our government. Allow the American people access to the decision making process by requiring all of these meetings to be webcast on the Internet both live and on-demand.

The Governor of New York State pioneered this initiative in 2007 when he required all State agencies and authorities to webcast their meetings (Executive Order 3). It's been highly successful. The State requires all the agencies to webcast their meetings live if they have the Internet access to do it live and requires them to post the meetings online within 48 hours for on-demand viewing. The webcasts need to work for both broadband and dial-up users and be compatible with at least 2 media players. All videos are closed captioned within 7 days for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing.

Having these meetings online will save a ton of money for both the government and interested parties who normally have to travel to attend these meetings. By having these meetings webcast online, some people who would normally travel to the meetings will no longer have to -saving time, money, and energy. It's the green way to go.


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  1. Comment

    Yes. Yes. Yes. Add to that idea...

    * The archive file be available to the public for 2, 5 or 10 years.

    * The archive file is available for download.

    * The search tag(s) be the topics of the meeting and the date (standardize date format).

  2. Comment

    The complexities of business and invention need not be compromised in supporting standard portal connections. The ability to connect to the rest of the world and access the strength of community the web has to offer is vital for all humanity to compete in future learning environments. The fundamental secure portal that this writing refers to is a high level secure portal connection, the device offers the user the immediate ability to connect and transmit or receive data on the move. It unifies what is technically possible and marketable into a single device. Vital statistics would be monitored and available to the user for analysis. Applications that enhance the user in interactions with the community at large offer advantages that right now while available, are weakened in usefulness by fragmented and independent design. The trends in communications design and embedded applications have made rapid acceptance in society. The convergence with green power generation from the user coupled with embedded applications that provide enhancements for connectivity would also assist in societies efforts to reign in cybercrime. A standard portal device will offer encryption levels that are hack proof and will be designed to ensure user privacy. A citizen standard connection portal, in the spirit of transparency the strength in the adoption lies in the societal acceptance. When all citizens have the power of connectivity to participate in the strength of community, opportunity for enhanced learning becomes more powerful as well.

    The costs of governance have the potential for drastic reduction. By merely giving every person in America immediate connectivity no matter where they are in the world reduces the infrastructure costs of providing the services of government and society as a whole. By giving this level of possibility to all Americans the strength of what it means to participate in building success will become immediately apparent. The design of this device through peer review across the population’s diverse spectrum of scientists’, business leaders, social network professionals and government agencies, along with the public at large will give 21st century clout to the protection offered within the constitution.

    Cyber security will be made highly affordable to implement as the standard would have the largest audience not only in its creation but as well in its deployment. Once deployed the increased connectivity to efficiently deliver the services primarily of government but of all aspects of societal interactions, will be the 21st century platform for all cumulative societal efforts engaged in national and global prosperity.

    Wireless connectivity offers the most efficient transition to full participatory access for all Americans.

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    This post is popular but not nearly as popular as the posts asking for Obama to make his birth certificate, college record, health records and the like available.

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  4. Comment

    Nope. Sorry, but it will never fly.

    As a Board member at a tiny charter school, I see how it works, and human nature will not allow this.

    The point of a meeting is to discuss ideas and issues, not to put on a polished, scripted, polished show.

    If everything we say and do had to be with a camera in our faces, all the real discussion would have to

    take place outside of the meeting.

    There are plenty of times when I'm not sure of an issue or a detail and want to ask a question or point

    something out that, if I had to do it for the www, would seem aggressive or rhetorical or whatever.

    Often, it's just a simple, innocent question. The presence of a camera would make me want to take it outside.

    Heck, even without the camera, it sometimes degenerates into several side conversations, which inspires

    the president to pound on the table... It would not be pretty, and we are absolutely NOT ready for prime time.

    Ok, professional politicians are a little more polished than we are, but still, the same type of thing

    would work at any level. You'll get less transparency, not more. You'll get prepared lectures rather than

    discussion. And worst of all, it will be nothing but a beauty contest on election day. (More than it already is.)

    Much as I like Angelina Joline, I don't think I want her in an elected position.

  5. Comment

    No meetings should EVER be closed, except for genuine National Security Commitee meetings. Those "Black Bag Meetings" where they discuss how they will take over the nation, steal our tax money and call us all "terrorists" for resisting their draconian plans are the reason we are HERE RIGHT NOW!!

    There are NO royals in America, and it is well past time we disabused those scum of that idea. Our politicians are completely out of control.

    Impeachments,trials and hangings are needed to clear this up. Take their assets and put them into the public coffers right after we run the Fed the Hell out of HERE. Since JFK booted the Fed out just days before he was murdered by them, and the law was NEVER changed, the Fed has been operating illegally here. I say we fine them the total amount of the so-called "DEBT" and interest they and their politcal cohorts have saddled us with, kick them out and call it even.