Making Government Operations More Open

Disclose all UFO records and information to the public

The UK and France have begun releasing UFO files to the public relaxing decades of secrecy into this issue. This subject needs disclosing, in which many polls from CNN have shown that 80% of the American public belive the UFO issue is real, and a further 60% beliving in the extraterrestrial presence. This issue has been documented throughout governments worldwide, and objects are regually seen by civil and military pilots and personnel, and have been picked up on radar on numerous occasions, aswell as Penetrating sensitive nuclear bases. Hundreds of such military/governemnt witneses are willing to testify under oath.

John podesta, former Clinton Chief of staff and Obama transition chief has pubically called for the release of all UFO documents from federal agencys on many occasions and stated the American people can handle the truth.

Apollo 14 Astronaut Edgar Mithell called for disclosure just last month streamed live on

Whatever people believe the nature of UFOs are, i feel its important to vote this up, so that America can take the lead in disclosing this matter.

Links to the french and UK release is below (french Nasa)


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  1. Comment
    Unsubscribed User ( Idea Submitter )

    Please don't inundate this site with UFO special interest madness. When you did this at the Citizens Briefing Book site, just for me to participate and look at and vote on ideas people submitted, I had to scroll through page after page of repeated UFO ideas with the same exact language (despite the fact that someone created the language, every UFO idea proponent seemed to want to create their own post with the same exact language) just to get to original ideas on things like budget, the military, and other things that people are interested in besides UFOs. Please don't subvert the purpose of this site by doing repeat UFO posts -- I know this is the first one, but I have a funny feeling that this is the Citizens Briefing Book UFO madness starting all over again.

  2. Comment

    I agree with Colin Gallagher. Its annoying to have to read through pages of issues unrelated to open government. We are developing an open government initiative and not submitting ideas to change current law or government policy.

    It's extremely disrespectful of other people's time to post things that don't add to the real discussion that we are trying to have.

    Everyone has issues they feel passionate about but that doesn't mean this is a forum for them. That will come once the government institutes an Open Government Initiative that allows for a public discussion of issues such as an UFO cover up, legalizing marijuana, overturning Roe v. Wade, repealing the military's "don't ask, don't tell" policy and many others.

    I intend to vote down every idea that isn't directly related to open government even if I agree with them because this isn't the proper forum.

  3. Comment

    I think to simply disregard the argument for ET disclosure is not only arrogant but idiotic. Yes health care, crime and the economy are important subjects to draw ideas upon, but to simply put aside the big picture is only adding to the negative situation that we're all in.

    The full disclosure of advanced, clean technologies alone would reduce the world's consumption of fossil fuels, reduce costs to consumers, reduce global warming and force the auto and aerospace industries to manufacture clean and efficient products.

    It seems the dense, narrow-minded right-wing rhetoric displayed by some people on this site is derailing the important issues for this generation.

  4. Comment

    It is related to Open Government and Transparency.

    Personally, I think that the belief in a conspiracy to hide evidence of UFOs is hope bubbling over the line.

    I hope there are UFOs.

    I doubt they would collude with our government to keep their visit a secret.

    But it is just as valid as any other transparency request.